Starting a new job as an INTJ

Starting a new job is exciting and horrible at the same time. Even for INTJ or mostly for INTJ. It is your decision. And mine.

The initiative to change a job came from a need to learn something new. I want to make a difference by helping companies to use marketing more efficiently. My old job was too familiar and the things I wanted to push forward didn’t move anywhere.

It frustrated me to no end and as a fellow INTJ the situation was too much for me. Honesty and the need for action is not for every company. I stayed too long just for the sake of giving time and not being too stubborn to push things on my way or the highway mentality.

We INTJs tend to hear that we have a bad reputation already for being too pushy and aggressive in our opinions. I tried to push myself down and be patient. It didn’t end well, or it did. Depending on the point of view 🤗 and now I have a new job!

Curiosity, high self-esteem, and innovative thinking help INTJs get their jobs

Contrary to what is usually imagined, INTJ is an approachable and curious person. Getting a new job should not be difficult for us, but accepting a new job is a totally different thing. I can’t imagine INTJ accepting just any job or any position. The company needs to have a good strategy and the recruiter needs to be smart enough to get immediate respect from an INTJ.

Meeting new people and learning new things is effortless for INTJ. Our constant thirst for knowledge and interest in new things makes us good listeners which is highly appreciated treat nowadays. Also suggestions for efficiency are usually welcome in any organization. And if they are not, the place is not for an INTJ personality.

Meeting the recruiter

The impatience to know things in the first interview might brush some recruiters the wrong way. Not all are ready for the INTJ stare, curious mind, and challenge we bring to the table. INTJs do things differently and if the counterpart is not ready to face difference, the interview is over.

But, if you are as “lucky” as I was on nailing your job interview and getting to have that first day, then the challenges seriously start.

First day

For example, I am an INTJ who can’t not know something. I dig and dig as long as it’s needed to understand the why under the behavior or task. That usually irritates people who want me to accept things as they are and not ask questions.

The problem is that my brain just loves these puzzles of understanding the logic of the bigger picture. I ask questions, compare them to my previous experience and make suggestions for improving the pattern. It is after all the point of hiring new people to get new ideas right? Well, not always and that is difficult to accept.

Anyway, I think many INTJs have these same challenges at work so it is safe for me to share my thoughts as openly as possible. Because we INTJ personalities have issues and those are related to our behavior.

MIND THESE THINGS when starting in a new place as an INTJ

In the worst case, our curiosity can be seen as aggression toward our co-workers. I think it is clear that it causes tension between us and our workmates. It is important to try to take it easy and listen to the environment it is not a piece of cake all the time as for example I have a constant resting bitch face going on and even though I do everything I can to look friendly, I still can seem cruel 😅

INTJ strengths in a new community

  • Fast learning
  • Curiosity and authenticity to know more
  • Interest in things
  • Conceptualizing commodities

INTJ weaknesses in a new community

  • Questioning processes
  • A different way of working
  • Reluctance to talk unnecessarily
  • Honesty

However, working life changes all the time and that’s a good thing. We introverted thinkers already have our own places in the community and many extroverts know how to give space in a conversation.

Any thoughts on this? How did you feel when changing jobs or having your first day in a new place?

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