INTJ and the problem of ghosting

Ever heard about ghosting? Yep. It is quite a familiar thing for many of us. Except for INTJ. We do not know what it means, because for us it is called taking a break.

My life started to feel too busy and to be honest. I lost my interest on writing this blog for a while. Maybe it is my personality type or just lazyness, but I could not mitivate myself on writing.

Ghosting my blog is a new low even for me, but now it is done and no one died. According to analytics, it seems that my blog had fun without me. Who could have guessed?

Unfortunately for you, my readers, ghosting is something we INTJs are quite familiar with. We have a bad habit of icing or ghosting our family members, friends or dates when they start to be overly emotional or behaving in way too irrational ways for us to understand them.

Ghosting is not a pretty thing to do to anyone. I do not recommend. Ghosting is ugly and leaves emotional damage to both of you. It does not matter if you have known each other for a day, week or years, it’s still an awful thing to do to other people.

Why ghost someone if you can just be direct and say what you think?

Lately, I’ve said that INTJ is the only personality type that will always be brutally honest with you. We do not have time to learn some niceties to make you feel emotionally safe around us. But why ghost then?

There are only two reasons: either INTJ cares too much about your emotional state and does not want to hurt you so ghosting is the best option or they do not care and will say what is bothering them and after that, it is you who will be ghosting the INTJ.

For example, for me ghosting happens almost accidentally. It either means that I do not deem the time spent together high enough or I feel the other person takes too much from my inner peace by behaving irrationally or I just can’t say what I think and “hiding” is the best option.

Then what happened with the blog? Well, I felt like I was sharing too much (I know, we are secretive) and it made me feel bad. I got over it, and understood that my point of view was not wasted. All of you people who liked my posts here made me happy. I am not sharing state secrets anyway 😉

If you are interested in knowing how probably you’d ghost someone based on your personality type I recommend checking this article: Just How Capable You Are of Ghosting Someone, Based on Your Personality Type

2 responses to “INTJ and the problem of ghosting”

  1. This maybe one of the reasons there is not much story about INTJ, we love privacy. Anyway, thank you for your blog ♥


    1. Thank you for your comment ❤️ and yes, there are not much blogs where INTJs themselves tell the story ☺️


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