Are INTJs automatically Atheists?

I might not have never believed in higher power. Not even when my friends went to the comfirmation camps when we were teenagers.

My hubby is a godfather to a 15-year-old girl who had a confirmation party this weekend. Confirmation is one of the main sacraments in Finland and the majority of the party is held in a church. The small after-party is usually hosted in the teenager’s homes by their families.

While attending the ceremony, I started to reflect my own feelings towards the church. Even though the church is not the cosiest place to spend time, as there are many other people too, I have always felt calm there.

Unfortunately and/or luckily it has not been enough to raise any faith in me towards the teachings of the lutheric church. For myself, I believe in nature and the forces it holds. It is one form of being spiritual and believing in the forces far greater than me. Although there is a small difference between believing some mythical being rather than logical universe.

Do you call yourself spiritual, but not in the sense of most people you know? Maybe you have more faith in the universe rather than in stories humans have created.

How do personality types feel about believing?

I have understood that INTJ is a personality type which is most likely to be an atheist. Maybe it is because we are referred as Thinking and not Feeling persons or maybe the reason is in our constant struggle to find some logic in the universe and it is not logical to believe in mystical beings.

In a study of 3,036 people (, although the majority of each type answered that they do believe in a higher power, interesting differences in belief were found among personality types. The top ranking types who said they definitely did not believe in a higher power were:

  • INTJ (23.1% say they do not believe)
  • ENTJ (14.6%)
  • INTP (11.1%)
  • ISTP (9.9%)

The top ranking types who said they were “not sure” were:

  • ISTP (19.2% “not sure”)
  • INTP (16.2%)
  • ENTP (14.6%)
  • ENTJ (14.6%)

I find this research quite interesting even though there is more in every person than personality type. Still, it feels that the more intuitive and analytical types tend to not be sure or not believe at all.

I guesses the INTPs (Logicians) were also one of those types who are not easily turned to any religion but the high rate of INTJs was surprising. If you are an ENTJ, please share your thoughts on this!! I’d like to know 🙂 Every comment is welcome on this topic.

I know it might be difficult to share stories regarding religions. I think having discussion on things that does not relate to facts is the topics that end up in social media rage more easily than other topics.

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