Insecure individuals are drawn to INTJs

Are INTJ personalities seeked out by other personality types?

Not seriously, but it is yet another stereotype I tend to hear when I have conversations with other personality type people. So, let’s check it out and find what is behind the statement.

In western culture we are thought that if you have enough gold and boldness, you make your own rules.

That applies to being an INTJ as I do not know more indepent and stubborn personality type. We usually have the guts to say we are not feeling the same.

So one check already on people wanting to benefit from being close to an INTJ personality – there is gold and guts available for you if your stomach can hold it.

Behind being called difficult and rude is confidence and caring

The same thing that makes others hate us (being called difficult and rude) makes other personality types interested in our personality.

From the confidence and selfworth comes the saying ”they are so prideful”. I know! We INTJ women hold ourselves in high standard.

If other people do not know who they are and what they want, we on the other hand have always known who we are and what we want.

For example: We want to help people who don’t want to be helped. We speak from our heart and ask questions others don’t think about or are too shy to ask. We speak the same way to everyone, and care not about the titles of people.

And that makes us judgemental, arrogant and difficult? A person who is interesting to you?

Insecure individuals are drawn to INTJs – to judge or to bask in their glory

INTJ males seem to be the most confident and self-aware personality type there is. And many find it very attractive, because of the inner power that shines through that “not giving a fuck of your feelings” attitude.

But if there is an INTJ woman, people tend to see only the things they like to change in us. That’s actually sad. It’s like the same valued qualities do not apply if you are a woman.

And why is that? Something that attracts other personalities in other gender, is the thing they would like to change in the other. For me as an INTJ this is not logical. But for other personality types it makes perfect sense.

So yeah, I’d say mystery, secrecy and contradictions are the things that make INTJ interesting, but when you can’t survive near it, you start to change it. Just to make yourself feel more comfortable around that person.

Do we have some kind of conclusion?

Being arrogant, confident, sometimes even rude is fascinating to others, yet some can’t stand it even a minute.

I have all these lovely qualities in me, but I tend to keep them quiet in my head. When INTJ gets older, we learn to filter our brain with company. Not everyone are ready to see the world as we see it or hear the things in there as we see them.

Some even hate us for our ability to be confident in our skin. Usually, those are the kinds of people who are not ok with themselves and we should not mind them.

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