Indifference and INTJ Personality

I am quite sure it is impossible for INTJ to feel indifference about anything. Even though INTJ definitely appear indifferent to others.

I am happy to explain my statement as I think many of you are now thinking that INTJ’s appear indifferent because they are. Well, let me disagree and explain while you drink your choice of beverage.

As INTJs brain need constant stimuli on things like world order or behavioral patterns, we INTJs tend to be interested in everything. We love to understand the story behind every detail and we want to predict your next move until it is so clear it is already boring.

But boring is not indifferent. Before boring there was interest. There was thinking and there was processing the situation.

So, in the meanwhile you were propably plondering how to shake hands with us (when meeting for the first time) we had so much going on in our brains that you thought we were uninterested / indifferent when we were not.

Maybe cold hearted but never indifferent

I have seen many writings about INTJ women being cold hearted bitches and with that I might agree if we do not like you, but I’d never say we are indifferent towards you. If any person comest to our radar, we go them through in our thoughts and consider the value of the conversation or get to know you.

Sometimes there is no value and then the other person is forgotten. Same goes with things we do not have time to work on because we have something more interesting going on. But I’d still say we are not indifferent, we just don’t show affection and interest in the same way and INTJ personalities are able to ignore a hell of a lot of things if they want.

But to be ignored, you need to be acknowledged in the first place and trust me. We will see you. The point is, do you want to be seen through our eyes?

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