10 things that make me, an INTJ woman happy

Being happy is a lifelong path for many of us. Because of that, I feel a little bit stupid writing this as there are no fast tips for being happy.

We all need to find the things and people that work for us to feel true happiness in a world that does not always support it.

Anyway, this blog post is about those 10 things that make me feel true happiness 🤎 If you are an INTJ or you have that special person who is, then you might want to check out my list. You never know when these things come handy.

1. Solitude – being alone or having time alone

Having alone time makes me happy, period. There is never a situation when the words “we will go do something, enjoy your time alone” would not make me happy. Introverts need their solitude.

2. Intellectual challenges at work and home

I have written about an INTJ needing intellectual challenges at work. It is true, but we still need challenges at home too to keep everyday life interesting.

If you are interested to see the previous post, here is the link: https://myintjlife.com/2022/03/04/intj-needs-intellectual-challenge-at-work/

3. Stimulating conversations

There are not many who intrigue INTJ personality. If we happen to find that kind of person then the conversations make us more than happy and we will never let those persons go. This might go hand in hand with the intellectual challenge part.

4. Freedom to be creative

It is not easy to find a time and place to be creative. Sometimes we can’t choose our jobs and end up in a non-creative environment. For me being free to be creative means I can write these blogs, play the cello and take care of my garden.

5. Freedom to be honest

Some can handle it, others don’t. It makes me sad to pretend to not like something for the sake of someone’s feelings. If I am in a safe environment where I have the freedom to express myself honestly I am happy.

6. Library

Learning something new is a way to relax. Who is not happy when they are learning? So yes, libraries make me more than happy. They are the epitome of happiness.

7. Technology

I know some INTJs swear in the name of the old ways but I belong to those who LOVE technology and everything related to it. Whatever tech there is, it makes me happy.

8. Nature

Everyone loves nature. It calms the mind but it also raises creativity if it gets lost. I know this is a little bit like stating the obvious but nature is important to INTJ personality.

9. Organizing or cleaning

Is there anything more satisfying than taming the chaos? I don’t know. I love organizing the shelves, cleaning the floors and windows, and making everything neat. Forcing maximalism into minimalism is a challenge, my brain loves.

10. The feeling of being heard

In my life, I have been in many relationships and met many kinds of people. 99% of them never listen to a woman and even less of them listen to an introverted woman. And trust me, even my partners have not truly heard what I have said. But when that magical thing happens, someone actually listens. It makes me so happy 🤎

This was a long list of things that make me, an INTJ woman, happy. If you have something else to add to the list, then leave a comment 😉

3 responses to “10 things that make me, an INTJ woman happy”

  1. 11.) The freedom to be ourselves and not molded into what society thinks we should be, eh? Nice post. (Fellow INTJ female)


    1. Definitely! This could be the 11th 💙 Sometimes it’s so difficult to be ourselves in our weird cultures that define women differently

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can totally relate to all! 🤭 Ha! Thanks for posting this.


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