Sometimes I think my INTJ is a separate entity, like VENOM

There are times when the INTJ in me feels like another person who does not know how to behave in social situations and I need to remind myself it’s my responsibility to keep the INTJ (Venom) in check.

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and feelings, and may not apply to all INTJ women in the world.

I know this sounds like I have serious personality problems but trust me, nothing too weird is going on. My INTJ is me, but sometimes it is too difficult to try to fit in the world with it. Those are the moments I find myself talking to myself (to my INTJ) and trying to explain why we need to be calm and cool. It would be a lot easier if I could get rid of my Venom and be regular woman once in a while, but like we all know, it is a part of me I can never be without. Even though I have tried in my teenage years, oh how I have tried.

I have a feeling there are many INTJ females there who suffer the same kind of moments as usually our gender are seen in certain way and that is not an INTJ kind of way. It is like there is a monster inside us who wants to come out front and yell at people on how stupid they are. Especially in situations when we should behave like normal regular women behave.

For example, I am not a motherly personality. Yes, I have a kid, but my son is not high maintenance kind of child and I have no idea how to behave with other children. I do not have a need to coo to babies or smile to little girls in the park. For me the children who are not mine, are not my responsibility. It means that I am not a person who will entertain kids out of my pure heart and I promise my INTJ sometimes wishes to eat the other peoples kids if someone expects me to be motherly towards them. (I would not eat them, but every INTJ knows what I mean)

Also the shopping malls!! I hate them. If I need to go into shopping mall, I try to pretend I am in a library full of people. It helps if my venom (INTJ) keeps itself in check. Sometimes it is a disaster and I end up wishing to blow something off. Probably someone’s head if they start to talk (sell) to me. And no, I am not going to fit that dress or try that lipstick. I have better things to do. Like counting how many stairs there are in the shopping mall. There are moments when the counterpart is a woman, but those happen rarely as most of the time my personality shows in my face and other women are too intuitive to bother me. Love them!

But the worst thing ever is the men who start to explain things to me. Then my Venom (INTJ) truly raises it’s head and I have to keep up my inner monologue to not kill the bastard. Like who the hell thinks I do not know how the car works or how to use my own computer? Seriously? If I drive my fucking car, then I know damn well how it works even though it needs some yearly shit to be done. I promise you I have taken some time to sort out where the oil goes, why and why it needs to be changed time to time. I am sure that at this point I do not need to explain what my INTJ would like to do to the men who explain things to me like I were idiot?

So, we are back at the main problem which is me saying that sometimes I feel like my personality is a VENOM inside me who just wishes to be let out. I think I like my INTJ most of the time, at least I have someone to talk to when I am thinking how the world works and it is fun to surprise even myself at time to time. And no, please do not think I am crazy. Wait, I think everyone thinks INTJ women are crazy, so if I think about it again, I’d say it is actually ok.

Social situations are the ones when I wish Venom could take a lead so that I could step aside

If someone talks to me in a shopping mall I feel anxiety. I suppose it is because I am naturally introverted and usually in my thought and hate to be interrupted. Those situations are the ones I wish my INTJ part would be separate from me like Venom and would take the lead instead of me mumbling something to the person. I have a lot to learn in social skills and it would be a lot easier to blame someone else on not being so perfect with others.

There is a really nice blog post here about the INTJ social anxiety: I recommend on reading it if you have had any of the symptomes I just described.

I end my rant on this topic here as I have a feeling I need to feed my Venom (INTJ) at this point and I can’t think anymore (yes, that also happens to us INTJs time to time). Anyway, if you have similar feelings or want to chat about it, then you know where to find me 🙂

Wikipedia explains Venom like this: Venom is a character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is a sentient alien symbiote with an amorphous, liquid-like form, who survives by bonding with a host, usually human.

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