How is INTJ as a Team Leader

We often hear that leaders do not have enough vision. Those who have said it, may have not heard about INTJ’s personality. INTJ leaders have more than enough vision and determination to make things happen.

People like to say we INTJs are natural leaders but I have to disagree. Maybe our kind of leadership was valued in the 90s but millennials are much more smart with a different kind of values in their career.

Challenges on INTJ leadership

There are many challenges INTJs face if they want to make a career as a leader. First of all, I’d say INTJ needs to learn to understand emotions. That is the part that has been the most difficult for me and I have a feeling it might be hard for others too.

Also, there is the part of understanding that it is a team effort to be a leader in a Team. I think we have understood so far that INTJ is a solitary kind of personality and understanding that leading a team does not mean doing things alone.

People say that being a leader should be a comfortable position for INTJ, as INTJs rarely like to follow anyone else, but INTJ must learn to be good leaders for other personality types. Communication is the key in this! Logic and reason are not the only things that drive people to reach their goals. Trust me, I have learned this the hard way.

Strategy, determination and innovation are the things that make an INTJ a great leader

We are demanding and rational leaders with no time for bullshit. That makes us focused and dedicated to the objectives and the team.

We also tend to be socially weird and that is an aspect that is accepted by male species of our personality type, but not by females. This statement needs another blog post but I know what I am talking about. Let’s just not go there yet 😉

To lead people effectively, you need strategy and determination. Most people do not want to think all the time about how everything connects and how the universe works. That is the moment for INTJ to step in and take over by giving easy-to-follow directions to the team members.

Usually, INTJs are good to notice team members’ strengths and weaknesses. While being open to sharing responsibility inside the team, the INTJ leader makes everyone happy without dwelling on the emotional part of human behaviour.

I know I am not the most liked person at work but I am the one my team can trust. I suppose being an INTJ affects this as INTJs are genuinely respected because while they are hard on others, they expect more of themselves. INTJ never blames their team members because, in the end, it is the leader who is responsible for the results.

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and feelings, and may not apply to all INTJ women in the world.

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