INTJ needs intellectual challenges at work

How would you feel to hire a person who excels at creating and implementing innovative solutions to analytical problems?

It does not sound as amazing if I continue it like this: Would you hire a person who naturally sees all the possibilities for improvement and is organized and determined in implementing new ideas for change? Yeah, not many want to improve or develop that much and this is the reason why many INTJs silently suffer in their lack of intellectual challenges at work.

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and feelings, and may not apply to all INTJ women in the world.

It’s been 25 years of worklife for me and I if everything goes smoothly there is that amount of work days left. 50 years of work is a long time and I think it should be used to do something we like and not something we hate. Unfortunately it is not easy to find a job where the owners or leaders of the company want to hear what to fix and where to make it run more smoothly.

Maybe the problem is only in Finland for not wanting to drive excellency in everything or the problem is that the positions where I have been (just for example) are not the one where the company leaders would like to invest. It’s hard to say, so the only thing I can speak and where I know something is about what kind of work would suit for INTJ and where they might be the most happiest.

Being useful at work is the first step for INTJ

INTJ personality wants to be useful and most of all I think that personality needs to be heard and understood.

It is common knowledge that INTJs are good with abstract thinking and creating innovative solutions to analytical problems. They also shine when they can make those theories work in real life and see how their previous thinking process folds out and starts to change the way of working.

Being useful is important and if you have an INTJ in your workplace or even as a colleague, you might have noticed the need to understand why everything is done. That need comes from a need not to do things that do not impact the given goals and objectives. For example, I hate things I need to do which are explained to me by my superior like this: ”We have done that a long time, it must be important.

Truth is, no it’s not important if you do not understand why you do it and where the thing is needed (Let’s not fix the world now, I will move on).

Anyway, I think any personality type is suitable to any occupation. It is the environment that is important and if INTJ gets challenges and feelings of being understood and being useful, then I think they are happy in any kind of work. Well, maybe not in super social work like customer service etc because INTJs are introvert.

High standards for themselves and need to respect co-workers makes life hard for INTJ

I am not sure if there are any other personality type who demands as much from themselves as INTJ. It is a blessing if the company is looking for hardworking individual but it is a curse if they do not demand as high standard as the INTJ.

It is also difficult to be the best version of yourself as an INTJ if your manager is not as efficient and demanding of details as you are. Those things can put INTJ in a difficult place and might even make the work environment stressful and exhausting.

I have had the opportunity to have a manager who loved to micromanage everything I did because he could not understand the bigger picture. I think you can guess how that worked out? I lost all my respect for him and just endured my time at work until I could find a more suitable one.

So to wrap this up, I’d say INTJ personality has a hard time to be working in an environment that lacks professionals and dedicated workers. They need people to have the same objectives and need to develop the process and a way of working.

I might say that INTJ who has to do repeating tasks in day to day basics without the possibility to develop the job in any direction is unhappy. The repeating and dull work kills our creativity and demand for excellence. Give us difficult puzzles and smart co-workers and we will push your company to the next level 😉

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