INTJs are the most misunderstood of all personality types

First of all, this is my opinion as an INTJ woman who feels being misunderstood all the time. This is not an emotional rant though, we INTJs can’t do those.

Where do I begin? There is so much to do to explain the heading of this post. Maybe the easiest way is to list a few statements about INTJs and give my opinion under them to show how misunderstood those are. I will update this post regularly to keep up with all the misunderstandings 😉 If you want to add something in here, I am more than happy to add them to this list!

INTJ is cold and unfeeling

Not true! We just don’t want to bother anyone with our feelings. It is a lot easier to keep a “face” and manage the situations logically. It is the problem that needs solving, not the emotions.

INTJ is judgemental

Not true! We respect others’ decisions and opinions. But if they are not logical it is not our fault if you feel overwhelmed by our counter opinion. We do not aim to make anyone feel small, we aim to understand the logic behind a decision or opinion.

INTJ wants to win all the debates about everything

Not true! There is no point arguing just for the sake of winning. INTJs aim for the truth and usually, we just skip the debate if it seems that the counter partner is not interested in the truth.

INTJ is antisocial

No, we are not. Not always. If we have people who we trust we can seem almost extroverted. Those are rare occasions though, but possible.

INTJ is self-absorbed and snobby

Not true! We might look like it, but we are not. It is not our fault that most people just want to have a pat on the back when things go south and all our efforts on solving the problem are wasted. After a few times that has happened, we stop helping and decided to t keep our mouths shut.

2 responses to “INTJs are the most misunderstood of all personality types”

  1. As a fellow INTJ female, my “favorite” stereotype of INTJs is how we’re pegged as serial killers/villains on all those Myer Briggs memes…

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  2. […] INTJs are the most misunderstood of all personality types […]


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