J in INTJ does not mean Judgemental

In Myers-Briggs personality types J stands for judging and is opposite of P as Perceiving. But judging is not judgemental. It stand for more than that and in INTJ’s case it means how we look the outer world.

As I already wrote, we INTJ persons tend to like structure. That means that our judging personality likes control over chaos and that is how we organize our world – through patterns. The J in your personality might mean that you are making plans for every day of your vacation because you like control. For the Perceiving type personality that would be horrible thing to do as they do not actively seek to change the outer world, they are perceiving it.

Actually the judging-perceiving combo means how you interact with the world. Where P types tend to perceive and then make decisions, us INTJ’s already know the decisions and we tend to expect the world to change to accommodate us. Does this make sense to you? For me it does. For example I might go through a work meeting in my head beforehand and when the meeting comes, I go it through as I wanted to do. If I were more focused on perceiving, I might change my course in the meeting due to how other people interact with me.

Also keep in mind that your two middle letters are your strongest suit N=Intuition and T=Thinking, those are the traits your J=judging is impacting the most. That means that you either show the intuition or thinking part of yourself to outerworld. In my case the others would see in the meeting that I truly thought through the topic of the meeting and knew what I wanted to say. I was not judgemental, I was prepared. Us J types just tend to extravert our decisions and we want to be heard in these kinds of examples.

If J is not judgemental then who is?

I do not have answer to that. I just know that being an INTJ with the judgemental part makes me a good at showing my expertise areas and interest. That is the part where I am most extroverted and I do not lower my voice when I am sure I know that stuff. All the thinking, structure and patterns come to a point where I need to use that knowledge and it is that exact part in my personality that gives me the push to change the world.

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