What T stands for in INTJ?

Thinking is the opposite of Feeling in MBTI cognitive functions. Based on MBTI a person is either Thinking or Feeling. Each type posesses a dominant function that sets the tone for that specific personality type.

T for Thinking in INTJ does not mean unfeeling. It just means that Thinking is a dominant part of our personality and because of that, before making any decisions we tend to go through all the positive and negative sides. Of course, I can only speak from my perspective but usually, we tend to forget everyone’s agendas and mainly focus on weighing logical consequences from an objective point of view.

Many times I’ve been in situations where I have an answer to a challenge and a way to tackle it, but someone’s agenda forces me to accept poorer solutions. That usually indicates that the other person is feeling rather than thinking, but that’s the beauty of being a human.

But is there anything else behind it? Not exactly. The Thinking part also keeps us in our heads and separates us from other people because we feel uncomfortable if other persons do not understand the logic behind our Thinking. Sounds fun right? That is the reason why we are called masterminds 😉

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