What does N mean in INTJ?

With all the logic and strategical thinking INTJ’s show to the outside world it’s hard to believe that the N stands for Intuitive. But honestly, the Intuitive part is quite dominant in INTJ as we tend to look for patterns, meanings and possibilities hidden in everything we see and hear in the world to better understand it.

In decision making intuition is one of the most basic things a person needs. To understand the situation fully, we do not need only a lesson from history, but intuition to predict the future. It is something that comes naturally to me, but I have heard that there are people who do not even know what I am talking about.

Anyway, to truly understand the way of the world and how it works, you need to be tuned to it and feel the energy to predict how the things will eventually fold out. That is intuition in INTJ. The ability to feel the way something will happen and then be silent about to see if anyone else noticed it.

Introverted Intuition connects the dots behind every pattern and predicts what will happen next

How will something play out? It is hard to say, but with introverted intuition I can say that I have a very good feeling on most things and rarely anything surprises me anymore. I might read news at the beginning of January and follow some conversations in media, then tell to my husband how that same thing will fold out in nect six months and he is like “No, never, they wouldn’t do that” and I leave it alone. After six months in mostly goes like I told and usually it is me who says “What did I told you?”

It is not bragging, it is just the way the things usually go in our household. Mostly I keep my mouth shut as people do not want to hear that their way of acting is a pattern that follows rules, but it is. I have friends who tend to do the same mistakes over and over again without realizing it even though I always say it to them. People are easy to predict.

In my experience challenges like planning and organizing are a lifesavers for persons who have introverted intuition

To understand things is to be alive. To understand how something will turn out in the future is like to have rainbows and unicorns running in the streets.

In my work I need to predict how market will change in the future and what kind of activities I need to do to accomplish the sales I want to have. That is like a finding gold in the forest to my introverted intuition.

There are possibilities of what will happen and my brain loves the challenge of collecting the data, the political aspect, the world and then our small country, the trends market will follow etc. It is never-ending but so exciting and I will have an answer every time. Sometimes though I can go wrong and can’t predict things like world pandemic, I think no one can as we are not psychic, just intuitive.

I think any type of organizing works for INTJs when we have a need to focus on something. I might organize a social gathering for my friends (usually I do not attend) or fix something smaller for my husband. Everything goes when there is a need to focus and see how it will fold out in the future. I think this kind of thing is in the blood of INTJ’s.

If you’d like to know more about introverted intuition then here is a good article about it with some comparing to other personality types: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/2017/02/02/understanding-intj-intuition/ As for this article, I only speak from my perspective and how I feel my personality shows, but this article has more broad perspective.

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