What does I mean in INTJ?

I think we all know what extraversion or introversion means, but lets be sure of that anyway. Here is short definition of both, just to be sure we are on same page here: Introversion and extraversion are opposites and most of the people are somewhere between them.

INTJ has I for introversion but it does not mean all INTJ’s are overly introverted. It just means that as an introverted person we tend to be more focused on internal thoughts, feelings and moods. Extroverted person gains energy from social interaction where introverted person needs to recharge after it.

For me introversion means I enjoy being alone. I have a constant need on spending time in silence without being interrupted. Usually I feel irritated when someone, even my son or husband, start to speak when I am reading or playing the cello. When I was younger I was more tolerant for being pulled out of my thoughts, but not anymore. Sometimes I even try to hide from social gatherings.

This introversion I suffer, also makes creating friendships harder as I can not spend too much time with anyone. It does not matter if the other person is also introverted or not, there is a time when the presence of another human being is too much. Although, I do not have problems with animals if they are the quiet type and not making noise all the time.

Introverted people are said to have overly rich imagination

INTJ’s are not exception of that even though we usually explain our creativeness with solid arguments and analytical thinking. The creative introversion can also be mathematical, not only artistical. Using imagination can come out with good argumentative skills or by understanding larger pictures of political aspects etc. There are no restrictions on how creativeness blooms out of a person.

Being introvert does not mean shyness or lack of communication skills. Never mistake it as such. Often people think that the quiet person in the room is an introvert but that might not be the case at all. For example I can be thought to be an extrovert person as my job demands me of being social and communicative. I still need to recharge a lot to survive my job. The part of extroversion I need to manage demands me to read and listen music alone a lot. I love my job and I couldn’t do it alone, so there has to be ways to give my introverted mind a place to rest.

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