Welcome to my INTJ world

At these horrible pandemic times everybody wants to feel like they belong somewhere and it is easy to find like-minded people through hobbies, work or even groups created for different personality types.

Talking about personality types is quite trendy at the moment. We all want to know ourselves and interact with others as efficiently as possible. By knowing our own personality and our friends and co-workers we might get help to understand how to work more easily together.

For me, being assertive to who I am comes naturally. Not only because I present one of the rarest personality types among women, INTJ, but also because I am a team leader and my job is to make sure all the persons in the group feel understood and want to give their best to the project we are working on.

My blog is dedicated to all the wonders of being INTJ-A personality. I might also talk about other things that interest me. If you want to know more about me, you can follow my instagram @my.escapist.life (dedicated on escapism).

I’d love to hear what personality type my followers are, so please share yours in the comments section of this post or come say hello on Instagram ❤

2 responses to “Welcome to my INTJ world”

    1. Nice to virtually meet you 🥰

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